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What Our Clients Say

Just a small selection of feedback from our happy clients…
Matthew Hudson Smith

Olympian/British/European 400M Champion

“Pilates helped me with my posture and improved my performance as an athlete.  It helped me entirely with relaxation and it was a great distraction in everyday life.  It helped me overcome three stress fractures, to make the Olympic final and just improved my day to day life and overall health…not just physically but mentally and socially as well.”

Mark Humphries

“I would never have believed that Pilates could be so rewarding, fun and challenging.

I came to Pilates by chance as a birthday present from my wife who knows that I like to try out new hobbies and experiences and Pilates was a welcome change to flying lessons, tank driving and bee keeping!

After one session with Steff I was hooked. Steff is an amazing teacher and practitioner of Pilates and I couldn’t believe how physically demanding our session was. I may not be ultra fit but I do try and keep myself in some sort of shape through cycling, rowing and running but Pilates is different. The activity is short sharp and intense and much more fun due to the variety of exercises and the way Steff keeps the session moving at a reasonably swift pace – no time for a rest or a natter!

I definitely feel fitter, stronger, more toned (especially my core) and more flexible and it’s great fun.”

Deepa Raina

I have been attending reformers Pilates at this studio with Rachel for many years. I have really enjoyed and seen superb results in my body’s strength and my posture has never been so good. I have recently joined the pregnancy Pilates sessions with Rachel  and have to say Its one of the best things I am doing for my changing body. Rachel is an excellent teacher! She understands every individuals needs and even when it’s s group run class her attention to detail for every client’s needs is just amazing!Her classes are calm, relaxing and easy to follow, and she always makes you feel that you are in control and boosts your confidence to try new exercises with her support. Her knowledge on how a woman’s body changes when it goes through pregnancy is incredible! She provides a lot of reassurance and I feel completely in safe hands with her. I always leave her class feeling super strong and ‘fixed’. Her classes make such a difference to my daily posture and strength that I look forward to it every Tuesday and don’t ever want to give them a miss! You can tell she thoroughly enjoys teaching pregnancy Pilates and has taught many women till the very end of their pregnancy. Rachel also provides me with exercises I can do at home which really helps me with my lower back and hip stiffness especially during my pregnancy. I can’t recommend her enough! Excellent teacher who will make a positive difference to your body.

Jane Grainger

My Midlife Fashion

“Having suffered with lower back pain I was recommended by a friend to see Andy at Cool Pilates & soon found myself completely hooked!

With gentle persuasion & encouragement Andy has released an inner self belief in my abilities & I’m now trying exercises I never dreamed I’ll be able to attempt.

Andy & his team are armed with a wealth of knowledge & I always leave a session feeling revitalised with new tips & exercises to try at home.

Through reformer & mat classes I have benefitted from an overall improvement in fitness, core strength & toning as well as a great improvement to my overall posture

I can’t recommend Andy or his fellow teachers enough.”

Hilary Saimbi

Retired Advanced Nursing Practitioner

“I have been attending ‘Coolpilates’ for over 7 years. I wish I had found out about Pilates in my youth, as it is by far the best exercise to equip you for a full and active life. It has made a such a difference to my posture and strength I am now able to do tasks which I struggled to do 40 years ago! The studio in Barnt Green is so well equipped and designed it is a pleasure to work in. The classes are small, so you get individual attention ensuring you get the most out of each exercise. All the teachers are enthusiastic and continuously updating, always finding new ways to help you overcome exercises which challenge you. I wholeheartedly recommend Pilates as an exercise and the ‘Coolpilates’ studio in particular where the teachers are all friendly and very knowledgeable. It is a thoroughly good investment in looking after yourself.”

Aletta Carbone

Consultant Surgeon

I started Pilates over 18 months ago after experiencing “aches” associated with my work as a surgeon. Cool Pilates has helped me to be in tune with my body since. The teachers are fantastic, highly trained with excellent anatomical knowledge and approachable and as long as I keep to the principles I do not experience aches after a long day at work. Pilates has helped me to become stronger, flexible and people at work comment on my improved posture. I am now a Pilates convert and even teach some of its principles to my patients following surgery as a part of their recovery. With Andy and his team I know I am in safe hands.

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