Andy Adamson

Andy Adamson is a former freelance choreographer and dance researcher and now Director of two very successful Pilates Studios in Birmingham, COOLpilates JQ  based in the city centre Jewellery Quarter and COOLpilates BG set in the leafy suburb of Barnt Green. He has been External Examiner to the University of East London BSc in Complementary Medicine (Pilates) and Internal Verifier for Pilates Studies at Elmhurst School of Dance. He was formerly Director of Dance at the University of Birmingham where, for over 20 years, he created original works of dance and theatre with student and young professional dancers. After retiring from the University he become Artistic Director of Red Pepper Dance Company and set up Bodyline Pilates Studio later to become COOLpilates.He has worked with many systems of mind-body training including Alexander Technique, Tai Chi and Bartenieff Fundamentals. His interest in Pilates work developed in the 1980s as an integral part of his training in American Modern dance. However the first serious foray into Pilates work came after a knee operation when he decided to train in Pilates Matwork with Juliet Wynne (1994). In 2002 Andy undertook the Foundation Training Programme for Teachers of Pilates (fulltime, one year), at the Oxford School of Pilates (with Jane Paterson) and at the Alan Herdman Studio. Andy has continued his professional development working with Tony Kosoto studying Rehabilitation in the Pilates Environment, and Classical Pilates with Jay Grimes, Mejo Wiggin, Alisa Wyatt, Peter Fiasca, Kathi Ross-Nash, Michael Miller and Clare Dunphy. His Corealign training was with Portia Page and Veronique Coignac. In 2015 Andy completed a mentorship with Mejo Wiggin in The Classical Syllabus.

Andy now runs regular classes for teachers of Pilates 

Rachel Parker

Prior to qualifiying as a Pilates instructor, Rachel enjoyed a rewarding 20 year career dancing with the Atlanta Ballet (1987-1992) and later as a Principal dancer with the Birmingham Royal Ballet (1992-2005). With

 the Birmingham Royal Ballet she performed many major classical roles including Aurora in the Sleeping Beauty and Juliet in Sir Kenneth Macmillan's Romeo and Juliet.

 Throughout her dance career she incorporated Pilates into her daily training schedule and later intensified her regime in the Birmingham Royal Ballet's renowned Jerwood Centre, under the guidance of head Pilates instructor Jennifer Mills. It was while training in the Jerwood Center, developed by Sharon Morrison and opened by Prince Charles (HRH Prince of Wales) in 2002 that Rachel became inspired to pursue a career as a Pilates instructor.

In 2005 she retired from dance and went on to train in London with Alan Herdman. During her career Rachel also completed an M.A., investigating osteoporosis and related health issues in the lives of female ballet dancers. She has been a key speaker at Dance UKs Royal Society of Medicine conference and Birmingham University's Symposium on the Pschology of Dance, sharing her knowledge and first hand experience with the Female Athlete Triad and Osteoporosis. 

Steff Affleck

Prior to teaching Pilates, Steff worked as a Physical Education teacher in Solihull, where she was Head of Department for 5 years, having gained BA (Hons) in Physical Education and Psychology at the University of Wales (Bangor), followed by Postgraduate Certificate in Education at the University of Exeter. She stopped teaching PE after recovering from a second disc prolapse (the first occurred in 1982 when she was 13) and it was at this time that she attended her first Pilates mat class and discovered a more gentle, yet focused way of exercising. Unfortunately she stopped attending the mat class after the birth of her first daughter and suffered a third disc prolapse a year later lifting her; she then realised how essential Pilates was to her future health and lifestyle.

Having spent her life playing/teaching/coaching a variety of sporting activities, she finds that Pilates enables her to 'listen' to her body, to learn what she need in terms of stretching and strengthening and she enjoys the progressive nature of Pilates – the fact that as she gets stronger she is able to perform more advanced exercises. She finds that the huge repertoire keeps it interesting, and the unique atmosphere of the Bodyline Studio makes for a relaxing and enjoyable 'work out', benefiting her both mentally and physically.

Through Pilates she has learnt a challenging, thoughtful way to exercise; how to support and strengthen her back/core to prevent back pain; how to manage neck tension through improved posture and stress management; and so much more. After her second daughter was born in 2005 she undertook a 1 year full time training course (The Foundation Training Programme Certificate for Teachers of Pilates, Oxford School of Pilates) to teach studio (machinework) and matwork, qualifying in January 2007. In teaching Pilates she hopes to be able to help others to enjoy the wide ranging benefits she has discovered, in order to maintain physical and mental well being. 

Darren Yeomans

Darren trained in Matwork Pilates with Body Control. He is now studying the Classical Pilates system with Andy Adamson and has been an apprentice teacher at Coolpilates since September 2015. 

Clare Barrett

Clare trained in Pilates Matwork with Peta David. She is now studying the Classical Pilates system with Andy Adamson and has been an apprentice teacher at Coolpilates for since September 2014.







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